According to system therapist Rosan Ouwerkerk, people from Brabant and Latinos are quite similar

Rosan Ouwerkerk

PLAYA DEL CARMEN - Brabanders and Latinos are quite similar in many respects. That's why relationships between them work so well. Rosan Ouwerkerk (51) from Eindhoven works as a systemic therapist in the Mexican coastal town of Playa del Carmen and specializes in multicultural relationships. Control Her washing machine is malfunctioning. A repairman looks at it and after half an hour of work comes up with…

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With Franky Pons back to the Mayans

Franky Pons Maya's

XOCCHEL - Franky Pons (38) and his soon-to-be Adriana Flores Lopez have been living in the Mexican jungle for eight years, not far from the wonder of the world Chichén Itzá. Their self-built house is far from finished. It may never be completely finished, but isn't the road to it the most interesting? About being one with nature. About the not…

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Carolien van Santvoord in fairytale Mahahual: a battle against politics and the elements

Carolien van Santvoord

MAHAHUAL – Several cruises dock in Mahahual, Mexico, every day. Then the tiny Caribbean fishing village is flooded with mainly American seniors and the prices of the catering industry on the beautiful boulevard automatically shoot up. But a few kilometers further south you will find almost untouched nature. The rustic, crystal clear blue Caribbean Sea. The palm trees, white beaches, unlimited greenery. Countless birds…

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Glenn van Damme not only serves poffertjes in Mexico City, but now also bitterballen

Glenn van Damme en Gypsy Lara van FRITUUR

MEXICO CITY – Croque madame, eclairs, meat croquettes or a delicious portion of fries with stew, served with a Brugse Zot on tap. This is Mexico City's popular Condesa neighborhood, where you'll find trendy restaurants to choose from. Glenn van Damme (33) from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and his Mexican girlfriend Gypsy Lara (29) opened their own restaurant Frituur here on Thursday. Right, the…

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