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calakmul pyramids

Calakmul, Yucatan’s Most Spectacular Secret

Monkeys swing from branch to branch. Constantly and everywhere there is rustling. Around the Pyramids, but especially in the woods. Those pyramids are proudly standing, although the traces of mother nature are there of course. Some old Mayan buildings are somewhat overgrown or full of moss. The largest pyramids have...

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el cuyo beach

The charm of El Cuyo: no one comes here

If you study Google Maps and head off the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, El Cuyo might just catch your eye. It lies alone on a peninsula, between the beach and mangrove. You would immediately embrace the village because of its location. Holbox is close by, but that has...

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espadilla south beach manuel antonio

Amazing Manuel Antonio is full of wildlife, beaches, and jungle

Manuel Antonio National Park is probably the most popular destination in Costa Rica. It is the smallest nature reserve in the country and you will undoubtedly notice it in the number of tourists: it can be quite busy. Don’t let that put you off: it’s really beautiful. The not-so-small park...

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Quetzal Monteverde Cloud Forest

The world-famous Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

In Monteverde Cloud Forest you will experience something that you will probably not experience anywhere else in the world. You are on a plateau, on top of a mountain. On one side the sun shines and it is pleasantly warm. Sure, you see some clusters of fog blowing your way,...

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grutas de xajhá

The hot springs of the Grutas de Xajhá

At the beginning of 2020, this video about the Grutas de Xajhá appeared on YouTube. A still totally unknown nature reserve, which was ‘discovered’ by these two YouTubers. It sparked sudden interest from tourists; the community was more or less forced to turn things around. “I worked here in the...

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church cuetzalan

In wonderful Cuetzalan it almost always rains

Very bad roads, full of potholes. High in the mountains and almost completely isolated from the outside world. Cuetzalan in the state of Puebla is one such undiscovered gem, where you will find all the authenticity you are looking for. Just like Chignahuapan is, but completely different. It is a...

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catrina chignahuapan

For Día de Muertos go to Chignahuapan

On the night of November 1 to 2, The Day of the Dead takes place in Mexico every year, but let’s call it as it is called: Día de Muertos. As with traditions, the day is celebrated a little differently throughout Mexico. The tradition is centuries old, but the Pixar...

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puerto escondido puerto angelito

Puerto Escondido is full of beautiful beaches and adventures

There is no story about Puerto Escondido yet, only pictures. The next things will be in this story: Puerto Escondido La Ventanilla, with her crocodiles and iguanas The Laguna de Manialtepec: a lake full of pankton (and thunder) Mazunte / Ziplote beaches The story will be here soon; subscribe on...

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