About Steven van Beek

Who is Steven van Beek?

My name is Steven van Beek, a Dutch guy born in 1981 and currently living in Mexico City. This is Steven Abroad, a website about my own journey. Full of tips, information, and hidden treasures. In the end, I’ve found myself in Latin America.

My story

Since 2020 I live together with Tania in Naucalpan, in the north of Mexico City. I am a journalist, text writer, and writer, and I really love to travel in Mexico. Later I will tell you about the secrets of Mexico. What about the most amazing waterfalls in Mexico? But for now, let’s start with the story. All the blogs you will read ARE the secrets of Mexico.

Back in 2017, I was not really happy with my life. My relationship of seven years ended, I hated my job and I was in need of something new. I decided to follow my lifetime dream: a journey, solo, without preparations, to South America.

I had never been there, nor had I knowledge about it. The journey was not especially the location, but a journey to convince me to be able to be alone on the other side of the world.

Steven van Beek
Salento Colombia
guatape colombia

Latin America

I started in Colombia, in Cartagena, without a plan. The only idea was: follow the Andes and we’ll see.

Then I went to Santa Marta and the solo journey really began. I enjoyed the Caribbean coast for a time, went to Tayrona Park, the Lost City Ciudad Perdida, and met the first foreign people to hang with: a Colombian, an Austrian guy, a Chinese girl.


I always took hostels. I mean, I just needed a place to sleep and didn’t need luxury. A dorm isn’t the most ideal thing, but I slept perfectly. And the good thing about hostels is the other people. They aren’t always much younger than me like I thought. I met a lot of people my age, or younger, or older. The most important thing always is to check the reviews at Booking.com. After ten reviews you mostly understand what the vibe is. And it never disappointed.

From Santa Marta, I went to Medellín and then to Leticia, far into the Amazon. From there I went to the dangerous capital of Colombia Bogotá, where I was robbed. Scary? Of course. Educational? Absolute. It cannot be ruled out that it will happen again, but you can of course prevent it as much as possible.

After that, I went into nature. I went from Chile, via Bolivia to Peru. I visited the Salar de Uyuni, the huge salt flat. In Peru, I went to the cities of Arequipa and Lima and since I was there, I also went to Cusco, Colca Canyon and Machu Picchu. I went back to Chile, flew to Buenos Aires, and attended Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo football games.

I went to Salta and rented a car to drive one of the most dangerous roads on the roads. In the north of Argentina I went to the Iguazu Falls, in the south I went to Patagonia. To end the long journey there.

Cenote Cristal Tulum

Steven van Beek in Mexico

In 2020 I went on holiday to Yucatán, in Mexico. A fantastic area, with white beaches, the blue sea and lots of jungle. Here I met the Mexican Tania. Now I live in Mexico City and live a completely different life. Together and alone we still go on adventures very often. To waterfalls, to beaches in Yucatan and Puerto Escondido, to old towns, to Pueblos Magicos. I immediately felt in love with Cuetzalan.

And because I live a totally different life, maybe I can inspire you. You may want to embark on a similar adventure. Leave your old life with all your old habits behind you. On this website, I want to tell you my stories. You may also want to visit the areas I have visited.

Maybe it inspires for a vacation. Then you will in any case find very original places, where tourists are a rarity. Where you find real everyday life.