Cascadas Paraíso waterfalls in Puebla

Las Cascadas Paraíso: a paradise with ten waterfalls in Puebla

A nature reserve, with steep ascents and descents. A walk, which will take about 3 to 5 hours, right through lush nature. It leads you past ten waterfalls, named after legends, or idiosyncrasies of their own. Las Cascadas Paraíso is one for the hikers. For the adventurers. For the nature admirers. The wooded area is more than three hours from Mexico City, near the town of Honey in the state of Puebla and a perfect going out if you want to travel in Mexico.

This place is characterized by beautiful vegetation, full of life, and changeable weather. Before you know it you are in the thick fog. Because of this mystique, this place is loved. So if you are looking for waterfalls in Puebla: this is the place to visit, but also keep Tuliman in mind.

  • Cascadas Paraíso path
  • Cascadas Paraíso view

Where is Las Cascadas Paraísos?

Honey is located in the state of Puebla, adjacent to Hidalgo. From Honey it is still a half-hour drive before you arrive at the park. If you come in your own car, you will lose quite a few pesos on the toll roads. Those costs will add up to around 1000 pesos, so a tour from Puebla or Mexico City is not a bad idea in that regard. I went with Paseos Chilangos, who charged 800 pesos. Thank you so you get transport, entrance and a guide at your disposal.

The entrance costs 70 pesos (just over 3 dollars) and after you have passed some shops, the walk starts. The route you will walk is about ten kilometers. And because of the reasonable difficulty and the view of the waterfalls, 3 to 5 hours is a very reasonable estimate. Why would you want to go faster? Would you like to stay here a little longer? There are cabins for rent. These cost about 700 to 1200 pesos per night.

The waterfalls in Puebla

You start your walk and the first thing you see is the huge suspension bridge, high above the forest. All I thought was: I want to get over that! You know that you have an amazing view, but that it is also terrifying. But you’re not there yet.

  • Cascadas Paraíso the bridge
  • Cascadas Paraíso frist waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso on top of waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall

First, you walk through the woods, and in the distance, you can hear the clatter of the water. The trails are sandy and can be muddy at times. So wear good walking shoes and know that you can get dirty. First, you do a decent descent and then you reach El Salto (the jump). This is a small waterfall. You pass the water via a wooden bridge and prepare yourself for one of the largest waterfalls in the park: La Arcoíris (the rainbow). From this waterfall, you have a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Zip lines

But during the route, you will be offered something nice. It should come as no surprise, but there are zip lines! Roch at a height of about 170 meters and see two waterfalls shoot past you. It’s two zip lines and well worth the effort. The cost for these ziplines is 100 pesos.

  • Cascadas Paraíso the zipline
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso mirador
  • Cascadas Paraíso is also a bit touristic

Fantastic spectacle

You will then pass Cañon del Sumidero and Del Ángel (the angel). First, you make a good descent, but then a big climb. This is the most intense part of the route. Then you come to Del Beso, which is a fantastic spectacle. You can come here behind the waterfall, which gives a beautiful view. Del Beso means the kiss; it owes its name to the fact that you can eh… kiss in all privacy in the back.

  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall
  • Cascadas Paraíso waterfall

As mentioned, it is a path with many climbs and descents. You pass Senda de Luz, El Paraíso, Los Duendes (after closing time you see elves, or little people, they say!) and Agua Clara. Then you come to the largest waterfall, the Fuente de la Vida. I think it’s this waterfall where you can go on an ‘adventure’. You can get close, closer than the path allows you. You clamber up the rocks, guaranteed to get dirty with the mud, and the closer you get, the wetter and dirtier you get. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Apparently, this waterfall literally attracts.

The walk and the waterfalls in Puebla comes to an end. You already see some food stands with quesadillas, but the dessert is yet to come. It is only a few meters from the suspension bridge. You can see the entrance from here. Rickety, long and high: the suspension bridge is the crowning glory of this nature park.

  • Cascadas Paraíso hanging bridge
  • Cascadas Paraíso hanging bridge
  • Cascadas Paraíso mist
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