Mil Cascasdas waterfalls everywhere

Mil Cascadas: also spectacular in winter

When you arrive at Parque Mil Cascadas, it doesn’t seem like very much. Until you start the walk. Waterfalls and cascades, even in the dry season. And crystal clear. Be surprised and enchanted by the immense caves, the waterfalls, the beautiful blue water, and the countless possibilities to jump from spectacular heights. Go ziplining or abseiling in this crazy area, near Pueblo Mágico Taxco, in the state of Guerrero. And the awesome thing in the dry season: there are no tourists. You have the parc for your own. Mil Cascadas and Taxco are about 3 hours drive from Mexico City.

How do you get at las Mil Cascadas?

It is a three-hour drive from Mexico City by car. In the last 40 minutes, you drive on a difficult dirt road, where you can drive at most 20 kilometers per hour. And when you drive here, you don’t feel like you’re going to get to this spectacle anytime soon. Google says it, the lady who feeds the chickens says it and the signs say it and yet the doubt remains. But once there, guides are already waiting for you, and you are presented with the possibilities. And you can hear the clatter of the water in the distance.

  • Mil Cascasdas: swimming
  • Mil Cascasdas floating water
  • Mil Cascasdas beautiful blue
  • Mil Cascasdas lot of green

It seems to me to be a very difficult matter with public transport. There are buses from Mexico City to Taxco, but I wonder if there are options by bus to the falls. If you don’t have a car, a tour from Taxco is the most logical option.

What is there to do?

It is at its most spectacular here in the summer months of June, July and August. We went in December and it is still beautiful here. The tour costs 250 pesos per person. We started the tour in the caves. Our guide did not consider a helmet necessary, only a life jacket for during the day. The caves are huge, with running water. There are some bats fluttering around. Furthermore, it is dead quiet.

  • Mil Cascasdas entrance
  • Mil Cascasdas entrance of the cave
  • Mil Cascasdas entrance of the cave from within
  • Mil Cascasdas in the water in the cave
  • Mil Cascasdas a ghost in the cave
  • Mil Cascasdas the rocks in the caves

You go deep into the caves and you will really have to bend here and there. Perhaps that helmet is not an unnecessary luxury; the lamp that we get on our heads is certainly not that. We arrive at the water. At least that’s what our guide says, but you can’t see it. “Do you dare to jump? It is four meters high”, he challenges me. No, I don’t dare. With trembling knees, I descend via a shaky staircase to nothingness. The lights work well but end up in the black of the water.

I arrive on the ground and see the water better now. Our guide jumps, Tania stays aside. The guide and I swim about fifteen meters until we come to rock with mud. “It makes you five years younger.” We smear it on our faces, of course. We swim back and climb up the four meters again.
The great thing about this entire area is that hardly anything has been done about it. You have to watch out in the cave. You can easily make a mistake and fall into the water. You can easily bump your head. The cave is what it is and so is most of the area.


For 350 pesos you can abseil here. The waterfall is 35 meters high and although there is not a lot of water in December, there is still some falling. For me, this was my first time abseiling, but the guidance is fine. The men reassure you well and take their time, as they take the time for everything. Your pace is the pace, you never feel rushed. Delicious.

  • Mil Cascasdas abseilen
  • Mil Cascasdas the waterfall for the abseiling
  • Mil Cascasdas beautiful surroundnigs

After that abseiling, the hike really starts. No, these are not huge waterfalls, but the total package can be called idyllic. Many dozens of waterfalls, up to about ten meters high, here and there. And everywhere the water is a beautiful crystal clear blue. Various types of butterflies flutter and that gives this paradise piece of the earth just that little bit more cachet.

Pay attention

You can see in the pictures that we are swimming here. The water is quite fresh, but the temperatures outside are really very pleasant. So protect yourself well against the sun and don’t forget that there are a lot of mosquitoes here. I’ve been stung at least twenty times and not just by the classic mosquito. In short: I was insufficiently protected, so pay attention to that!

Some waterfalls are beautiful, a few really breathtakingly beautiful. Swing above the water, or take a ‘shower’ under such a waterfall. The word ‘idyllic’ has already been mentioned, but it really is.

  • Mil Cascasdas blue waterfalls
  • Mil Cascasdas waterfall
  • Mil Cascasdas blue and green
  • Mil Cascasdas waterfalls everywhere
  • Mil Cascasdas waterfalls everywhere


But then the return journey begins. You walk along the same waterfalls and you go uphill. Tired? You can be brought by horse for 50 pesos. We were well tired and did this, but we regret it. The horses are thin and are beaten with a branch to move forward. So absolutely not recommended; afterward we would rather have died a little more than let these horses be treated like this.

  • Mil Cascasdas horses
  • Mil Cascasdas waterfalls
  • Mil Cascasdas waterfalls

Mil Cascadas in the state of Guerrero is therefore very worthwhile. We definitely want to return in the summer months, when the falls will have considerably more water. Our tips: arm yourself against the sun, arm yourself against the mosquitoes, bring enough food and drink for your trip, and do not use the horses. And definitely combine Mil Cascadas with a visit to Taxco!

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