Nature in Mexico

Amazing nature in Mexico, full of Pueblo Mágico

Have you ever fantasized about taking a long trip? You Google and look for tips, because where do you want to go? To travel in Mexico is a great option because the country has everything. From desert to ice, from high mountains to the jungle, from waterfalls to natural wonders. The nature in Mexico is overwhelming, the many Pueblo Mágico are wonderful.

On Steven Abroad I tell you about the secrets of Mexico. The most beautiful places. The places you don’t easily find. I travel with my girlfriend Tania, who often knows more than well where all the beautiful things can be found. Sometimes I travel alone and try to find out the beautiful spots in total strange surroundings, sometimes I take a walk with the Paseos Chilangos, a walking association from Mexico City. Follow those guys.

Nature in Mexico

That’s how I discover the secrets and that’s why I want to tell you. Sometimes the places I visit are definitely touristy, such as the very high Nevado de Toluca (4700 meters!), the spectacular waterfalls of Tuliman or the ten amazing Cascadas Paraisos. Sometimes very authentic, such as villages such as Chignahuapan , where you really really need to visit El Día de Muertos, and the really wonderful Pueblo Magico Cuetzalan.

Or the hot springs of Grutas de Xajhá, where almost no foreign people come. People from Mexico City are already rare there. But the places are sometimes really popular, such as Puerto Escondido or all of Yucatan. But there too I try to leave the beaten track and discover the secrets of Mexico. Go to the very quiet El Cuyo, or to Sisal to discover crocodiles and flamingos.

nature in mexico
On top of a pyramid in Calakmul, Yucatan

Aventures in Mexico

I’ll tell you how to get there and everywhere. Try to answer your most important questions. Sometimes you have to have a car, or go on a tour. A lot of places aren’t connected to public transport. But: sometimes public transport is sufficient and the most adventurous. And there is nothing wrong with adventure. In a way that is the most valuable thing I want to tell you. You can go on adventure in Mexico. You only have to know where you can go and where you can’t. And please: never travel at night in places you don’t know.

I also tell you about Mexico City. Not only famous places like Zócalo, Bellas Artes or Coyoacan, but also the hidden tracks. I’ll tell you about the prices, in short: I’ll tell you how to travel as budget as possible in Mexico. And try to reach out for places to stay and to eat.

Latin America

I’ve already visited more countries in Latin America, I’ll show you a lot of those too for fun. And maybe also as inspiration. I hope so! I have already traveled to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Perú, countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic are certainly still on the program. In short, follow this website closely. With Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. And be surprised by the beauty of Mexico in special and Latin America in general.


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