Pueblo Mágico view church

Pueblo Mágico Taxco, in the mountains with stunning views

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Taxco is an old mining town, but also Pueblo Mágico in the state of Guerrero. The entire city is painted white and red and is characterized by its wonderfully steep roads and the fact that there are always pleasant temperatures. Add to that the dozens of churches and churches and the beautiful views and you have a truly magical city. Taxco is an Instagram-city pur sang but is it worth a visit?

A bit of Taxco-history

The town has more than 50,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the municipality of Taxco de Alarcón. The city was founded in the 16th century, on top of an Aztec settlement. A very rich silver vein was discovered in the 18th century, and it became the center of silver mining. There is still plenty of silver sold on the street.

  • Taxco Parroquia de Santa Prisca y San Sebastián
  • Taxco Parroquia de Santa Prisca y San Sebastián
  • Taxco church from below
  • Taxco church at night
  • Taxco Guerrero church service

This Pueblo Mágico is located 194 kilometers and just under three hours from Mexico City. Check out if you find affordable plane tickets! The city is located in the mountains, which means that a large part of the route consists of sharp turns and beautiful views. A great recommendation is not to drive directly to Taxco, but also to visit Mil Cascadas, an incredible natural paradise with dozens of waterfalls.


When you are almost at Taxco, you have various viewpoints, the ‘miradors’, which offer you a beautiful view of the town. Welcome to Taxco, famous for its mines, for its silver, for Christianity.

Taxco is touristy and you notice that everywhere: around the central square Zócalo there is always something to do and the restaurants around it make money. These restaurants are expensive and the service often leaves much to be desired. We found hair in a smoothie, once we waited over an hour and a half for our breakfast, which was cold. It is therefore recommended to look for your food or drink outside Zócalo; the town is also certainly sympathetic.

Zócalo is surrounded by colonial buildings and the impressive church: Parroquia de Santa Prisca y San Sebastián. Celebrations are held here very regularly. At Christmas even screens are put outside; Taxco is a very religious community.

Volkswagen Beetles

Taxco is also known for its taxis. The VW Beetles drive hurriedly through the narrow, steep streets and that is no superfluous luxury: driving through these streets in your own car is possible, but it does demand a lot from your car and your driving skills. Yet another disadvantage of Taxco: the traffic. A car-free center would certainly boost the city’s charm. They have successfully implemented this in San Miguel de Allende.

What to do in Taxco?

A visit to the Christ statue Cristo is highly recommended. The statue is -of course- reminiscent of the statue in Rio de Janeiro. It looks down on the city and from this place you really have the very best view. From Zócalo you pay 50 pesos for a taxi, which will take you here. Apart from the statue and the view, the place is not that much. Here you can buy some tourist stuff very cheaply. The prices here are considerably lower than in the center.

  • Pueblo Mágico view church
  • Taxco Cristo
  • Taxco Cristo
  • View from Cristo in Taxco

Not recommended

What not to do in Taxco is a visit to Mina Prehispanica de Taxco. The mine is adjacent to a hotel and was discovered around 2013. It would have been hidden from the Spaniards and thus only rediscovered a short time ago. You pay 150 pesos per person and descend the mine. That is disappointing: you go down quite a bit, but the mine is annoyingly decorated with ugly lighting and is, in addition to being a tourist thing, also a place for events. In other words: the mine has been largely renovated and almost nothing shows what it once was. The fact that an actor still tells a story about the Aztecs makes it doubly nonsensical.

  • Taxco the mine
  • Taxco statue
  • Taxco statue
  • Taxco statue


Taxco is therefore famous for its silver. We didn’t do it ourselves, but you can work silver here yourself during a one-day course.

Taxco Cableway

Normally you can take a ride above the city with the cable car ‘Teleferico’. You board a gondola in Barrio Los Arcos and go up 173 meters, to hotel Montetaxco. You get a fantastic view here. Apparently, the Taxco funicular is closed due to a major breakdown, someone told us. Hopefully, it will be restored soon.

Narrow alleys

  • Taxco Restaurante Santa Lucia
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico Zocalo
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico at night
  • Taxco Pueblo Magico

But especially walk through the narrow alleys. If you want to eat in the center, I especially recommend Restaurante Santa Lucía. The salmon with coconut is delicious, the service excellent. The prices are the same as on Zócalo: not cheap. There will undoubtedly be more affordable restaurants outside the tourist center, but unfortunately, we did not find them during our stay. We did two nights during Christmas and that was not a cheap option with more than 1300 pesos per night. Hotel Mi Casita is in a perfect location and has very nice rooms. More than a bed, a delicious shower, and a stunning view of the church it is not. But there are plenty of wonderful hotels. Check the website of Booking.com to find out!

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